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 Bruce and Mary Jackson  

In August 1970, my husband Bruce and I became Shaklee distributors and bought our first products to get rid of a lady who came to our door. Little did we realize how that would change our lives. Bruce was so impressed at the difference he saw in me when I started using the Shaklee supplements, he couldn't keep quiet. And so...we ended up in business!

As a nursing instructor, I was at first VERY resistant and wanted nothing to do with the Shaklee business; but later on I realized that it was a way I could do what I really wanted to do: stay home and raise our kids, contribute to the family income, and coach people to better health. As I observed our customers regaining their health, I became a true believeer. And as we raised eight kids and I no longer had that awful exhausted feeling like I used to have, I wanted to share with others who ran out of steam too early.

Sadly, Bruce passed away in 2016. Two of my daughters, Sarah and Liz, are now working with me and learning the ropes. One of the special benefits of the Shaklee business is being able to pass it on to our children and grandchildren.

Liz is a stay-at-home mom with three active little boys. She recently became a certified wellness coach with the Dr. Sears Welless Institute and is particularly interested in coaching young families with pregnancy and children's health issues. You can contact her at 864-659-0245.

Sarah works in the Finance Department at the University of Texas in Austin. She also makes and sells beautiful musical instruments, which you can view at facebook.com/strumstruments. Sarah is the technical expert on our team and has helped us expand with Facebook events and other reach-out methods using social media.

We would love to help you make progress toward your health goals and/or your financial goals. Just contact us and expect your life to change for the better!!